Today I shall tell you a story about a girl who went on a magical vacation. She hoped and dreamed and read and planned.

Then she packed a small bag.

Then she said goodbye to her little blue house and pink rosebush and her family and friends.

She traveled very far, and came down in a fairyland which was vaguely familiar, but very different and special too. (It helped that there was ice cream and other tasty things to eat.) She ate some scones, some pastries, and quite a few cheese and onions.

And drank lots of tea.

And explored.

And took hundreds of photos so that she'd remember the wonderful place.

And she wrote letters to home telling everyone how beautiful it was there.

And then, sadly, it was time to go. So she packed her things up again, carefully putting in some lovely newfound treasures.

When she arrived back home, she found that even though the magical place she'd been was enchanting, she'd missed her friends and family and little blue house and pink rosebush.
And she was glad to be home.

I hope you enjoyed my story.
And I hope that you'll excuse my absence here for a couple of weeks while I'm having adventures in a magical fairyland.

(All images by Cassia Beck, pulled from the Lola's Room Etsy shop.)


  1. Hey Sarah! Check out my blog: http://www.alisajoyblog.com/2010/05/10-year-anniversary-evan-and-michael.html

  2. Have a wonderful adventure. We will eagerly await your return!

  3. Missing you today...

    Loved this post!! Hope your day is magical.

  4. These are so wonderful pictures !
    I love!


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