Wonderful Day

Just a quick suggestion, friends: Mother's Day, as you know, is next Sunday the 9th, and I'm running a MD Sale in my shop so that you can pick up something lovely for your very special mum without spending a ton. Also, domestic shipping is free as part of the sale, and if you order before Wednesday, I can still get your package to you by the weekend!

And now, I shall tell you why today is a fantastic day. First, I get a free lunch. Second, my free lunch will occur at one of my very favorite weekly events: Honors Lunch Discussion, where our students meet every Friday to discuss a topic presented by a faculty member. Third, I have the afternoon off! Fourth, I have the afternoon off because my brilliant husband is being presented with an award for being the Best Graduate Student Document Instructor for the Freshman Composition Program, and I was invited to his award ceremony! Fifth, after that, we go home from school early, and we're going to order pizza and have a Wes Anderson movie marathon! Rushmore, Darjeeling Limited, and Fantastic Mr. Fox are all on the line-up. (I'm counting this as a date night, because I don't have to cook and I get to spend the whole evening cuddled up with my handsome husband, but technically, it counts as work for him, because he'll be "researching" for a paper he's writing about Wes Anderson films in one of his classes.)

Here's a preview in photos of all the glory that lies before us:

How could this day possibly be better!?

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  1. i love it!!!! all great movies :) especially fantastic mr fox, don't ya think??? congrats to nathan!! see you this afternoon. can't wait to see all your fancy headpieces!!


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