DIY Thursday: More Fabric Roses

Hey friends, remember this post where we learned together how to make sweet folded fabric roses? Well this past weekend, I finally had time to try my hand at it, and I'm pretty pleased with some of my results! Unfortunately, I'm the worst DIY blogger ever, because I always forget to take before or during pics, and all I have to show you is after shots. But I followed the instructions in my previous DIY post closely, making only minor alterations like cutting my fabric strips a little thinner because I discovered after making my first rose that I wanted mine to be not quite so tall.

I used several different types of fabric I already had on hand, and will describe each above the photos. My first try was some blue-striped cotton seersucker which I cut into strips on the bias. Here's my first little rose:

Not bad, but not great. "I got better!" (--Dennis,  Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

Then, I tried some light blue dupioni silk which produced a cool effect because I roughed up the raw edges a bit. The littlest two are really half strips which are only about 1/2" in width. They turned out smaller altogether, of course, but I like their shape better than the larger ones, actually. (Photographed on my lovely new Liberty of London platter from Target.)

Then I used some brightly-colored fun paisley printed rayon. I had a bit left over and made a bow which shows off the pattern better.

I think the roses that turned out best, though, were some I made with an old tank top I cut up. Just plain old cotton jersey -- t-shirt fabric -- and I really like how flat they lay and the shape of roses. Plus, the colors -- magenta, aqua, goldenrod, dark chocolate and caramel, are my favorites. Made a couple of bows to go along with these too.

So I had time last night to put glue these pretties onto a base with a brooch pin so that I can add them to bags and plain t-shirts.

Some of the other roses may be used in a similar way, although I know that I want to put some of them on headbands, and maybe even a larger bib necklace, although I'm not sure I'd have the moxie to wear it.

Please send me photos if you decide to try it! I intended just to do the seersucker ones, then got carried away (I tend to do that) and started cutting up all kinds of other things. I had a lot of fun: I spent about three hours making fabric roses last weekend altogether. But all you need's a hot glue gun and some scissors -- super easy!

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