May I Introduce To You

Today, my friends, I'm proud to present to you ....

Claire: sweet, simple, super-long and lean. Favorite color, pale yellow. Favorite word, "reticent."

Jane: old-fashioned, demure, and unfailingly polite. Favorite author, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Favorite pasttime, exploring the climbing rose hedge with the butterflies.

Bridget: confident, intelligent, unafraid to take risks. Favorite dessert, raspberry cheesecake. Favorite food, dessert, naturally.

Next, Persephone: free-spirited, outspoken, and kind. Favorite possession, handmade journal. Favorite spot, the mossy journaling rock.

Also, Henrietta: bookish, inquisitive, a bit of a pack-rat. Favorite singer, Frank Sinatra. Favorite childhood occupation, playing dress-up in her mother's high heels.

And lastly, Tara: bright, easygoing, and appreciative of simple pleasures. Favorite view, the sky on a sunny day from a picnic blanket. Favorite smell, freshly-mown grass.

I hope you've enjoyed today's introductions. The last piece, Tara, is actually sold to someone named Tara. The others will be shown at the May Art Trail, or feel free contact me for pricing and purchasing info.


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