Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Downstairs Designs

I happened upon Downstairs Designs Etsy shop not long ago and I think her signature In Touch Clutch is so cool. If I was going to meetings all the time and needed something stylish in natural linen to carry cards and a notepad with me at all times, I'd definitely have one of these already.
And it would be fantastic to take to jewelry consultations too. Consequently, it may just show up on my birthday list; be warned. Here are some of my favorites (all pink, of course):

Also available are larger discount packs for bridal parties or set gifts.

All images by DownstairsDesigns. Check out the Etsy shop!


  1. Those are cute! If I were actually a serious writer, I would carry one of those around to jot down all of my inspirations and spontaneous musings.

  2. As you probably guessed, that was me and not Cory. My husband usually remains unimpressed by pink clutches. (Or so, he'd have us believe.)


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