Catching Up

I apologize for the terrifically long silence. I've been really busy, then sick, then busy again. The previous three weeks have entailed, among many other things: several inconvenient and slightly worrying trips to my doctor's office, new freshmen students descending on the campus in hoards (frustrated and harried hoards), two and a half days on the couch watching Elvis and Fred Astaire movies, seven hundred and fifty-four dead kleenexes, one dead Bur Oak, five custom jewelry orders, and a wedding for which I did the flowers. And I left a lot out.

So there hasn't been a lot of time for writing, and I'm not promising anything for the coming weeks, which are full of birthdays, family moving long distances, and more hoards of frightened freshmen. But I'll try to be at least a little less absent, and promise to post pictures of some of the custom orders I mentioned. Sadly, I was much too busy with getting all of the flowers done and delivered on time for my wedding this past weekend to remember to take pictures of any of them, but I'll try to do better. Forgive me, please, and we'll try to move forward together.

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