The Great Wallpaper Revival

Sorry I've been gone! I've had the busiest imaginable week, and not much time in between to catch up. But I'm back now.
And have you noticed that wallpaper's back too? There are so many designers and companies that are putting out fantastic new patterns, and if done well and in moderation, I think we can avoid the same wallpaper disasters that so frequently occurred with blue and dusty rose-sprigged mistakes in the 80's.
Just have a look at Anthropologie's new wallpaper designs. So much fun! These are my favorites:

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  1. After going thru "you know what" trying to remove a wallpaper border from my bedroom walls, just the name WALLPAPER scares me!!
    It is beautiful but I am such a fickle soul and change my mind during the course of about 6 months, I will stick with paint...easily changed!
    These are beautiful examples of the new wallpapers...
    Happy day,


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