How-To Monday: Patina Lesson

I ordered some patinas from a company called Metal Magics, and have been experimenting with some of my jewelry pieces. Things weren't going so well at first when I was just brushing it on, but then I tried using spray caps , and that seemed to help a lot. Here's what the process looks like. I start with a raw brass piece, like so:

Then I spray on the patina, and I'm thinking an average of two to four times will probably do the trick, depending on how well the piece appears to be soaking in the color. So hopefully, I get something like this, which was done with three coats of aqua blue:

And here's a piece I made afterward with an identical brass medallion which I treated with two coats of green patina:

Some of them didn't come out so well the first time, and I'm still learning some tricks to make sure I coat each piece evenly. This is what things look like during the process (not so pretty):

I've been extra-busy trying to build up my inventory for the Funky Finds Spring Fling I'll be going to Fort Worth to participate in at the end of April, so I'll post more photos this week of some other pieces I've created recently.

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