Hello there, friends! Lovely to see you again. Before the small talk, there are introductions to be made today.
New blog, meet friends. Friends, this is new blog.
I really hope you'll like each other.

So, the story. I've been wanting to revamp my blog for a while now, and after playing around Friday evening and screwing my existing template up completely, I decided that the time had come to just get it done. I solicited the help of my web whiz of a husband, whipped up a little something new in the way of a header and some sidebar graphics, and a couple of hours later, voila! I was going for a look that matches the new business cards I designed a couple of months ago.

So please let me know what you think! Is it an improvement over the old design? Is it too busy? Do you have suggestions for other changes or special features?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts, on the blog, or your weekend, or anything else! And thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you'll come back often.


  1. I think the new look is perfectly lovely!

  2. I love the new look! It is absolutely gorgeous!


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