DIY Thursday: Sweater Crafts

Although it's still warming up quite a bit during the day here, it's chilly in the mornings, and all I want to do is stay tucked up under the covers, and get out of bed just to cozy up with a blanket and a cup of tea. These ideas for reusing and decorating with your old sweaters from Country Living magazine, seem to evoke just the right atmosphere of coziness for fall. I've chosen a few of my favorites to show you, but you can see the original post on their website for instructions.

Also, I'll take one large library in that lovely weathered oak panelling, please.


  1. Hi, Sarah...thought I'd better swing by and see what all you have going on your blog...and look what I see. Using sweaters for crafts is a great idea...especially if I could make any of these. :))

  2. oops, did you know you have word verification on?


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