Champagne Supernova

I finished this gorgeous wedding set up a few weeks ago and got it sent off to a bride with fantastic taste for a mid-June wedding. Her bridesmaids wore blush pink dresses, so she asked me to create pieces for them in gorgeous champagne and nude tones with gold highlights.

And I also got to make some extra-special pieces for the bride herself, who wore a dress embellished with hundreds of delicate ivory flowers, which I recreated in ivory satin with vintage velvet millinery leaves for her custom necklace and hairpiece.

I love these soft, delicate colors just as much as the bright ones, I think. And thanks to a lovely bride for encouraging me to try something new!


  1. The above pieces were for my daughters wedding. They are absolutely beautiful. While all different, each piece captured each b'maids personality and added to the ambience of the evening. Everyone loved this unique touch. Thank you for creating such lovely jewelry and adding to the romance of the evening.

  2. I want each piece! Gorgeous work! I wish you would do more of my weddings. I need some more of your cards! Are you going to be at the August Art Trail?


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