I think I'm finally ready to come back now. I've been busier than ever since the holidays with four (soon to be five) custom wedding sets, with paper crafting, and making new things for the shop, which will, with any luck, be receiving some pretty new additions in the coming weeks.

I want to thank you, my lovely readers, for being patient with me during my little hiatus, and also to beg your continued indulgence if I'm not here quite as frequently as I used to be. I've come to the conclusion that blogging should be about being inspired and sharing inspiration with others, and when I felt lately like it's just one more thing on an impossibly long to-do list, it becomes a stressor rather than an overflow of creativity. So I'm going to approach it in the future with the mindset that I'll share when I have something to share, and not bore you with nonsense when I don't.

The wonderful Debee Campos of Art As Life (incredible blog) and InspireLovely (beautiful shop) is a perpetual source of inspiration to me, so I can't think of anything more appropriate than including her in today's post. She's running a giveaway on her blog right now of several beautiful Valentine's Day themed items from her shop, so be sure to enter after taking a few minutes to marvel at the loveliness (I always do) and to be inspired yourself (I always am).

It's nice to be back. Thank you for reading.

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  1. sometimes when i am overwhelmed all the things i need to do in my in my life, my blog becomes an added stressor. i have to remind myself that my blog is for inspiration, an escape. and if i simply cannot bring myself to create a post that day, i don't. blogging should be the fun part!



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